About us

What we do:

Our main specialization is stress calculations in mechanical engineering.

Overall, our team has the greatest experience in the areas:

  • general mechanical engineering
  • yacht design
  • aviation
  • composite materials
  • industrial and civil engineering

In addition to stress analysis, we perform mathematical modeling in relation to kinematics, theoretical mechanics, theory of elasticity, etc. These models are regularly used as auxiliary in performing stress calculations — for example, to determine the forces acting on an airplane in flight.

Do we perform types of calculations other than stress analysis?

Yes. Stress analysis is our main specialty, but we have specialists in other areas of engineering.

Contact us — and we will consider your problem.

How to work with us?

  1. At the beginning of the order, you leave a request or contact us directly in any convenient way. We contact you and discuss your problem in details (goals, deadlines, cost, etc.).
  2. In the course of work, a large number of questions, clarifications, and solutions to various tasks arise. At the request of the client, we either completely take care of these issues for ourselves, or consult with the client on each issue. In situations where a particular solution ordered by a client turns out to be impossible or extremely expensive — we ourselves offer other, more optimal solutions.
  3. We present the final results of the work in the most convenient, understandable, accurate and structured form. At the request of the client, we can provide results both in a compressed (for non-specialists) or in a detailed (for engineering specialists) form.

If it was agreed by both sides, then the finite element and other models created by us are transferred to the client.

How much analysis costs?

In short: the cost of each order is individual.

A fixed price list in the area of stress calculations can exist only for standardized structures (such as a simple truss calculation).

The definition of cost is a separate (sometimes relatively large) task for both us and the client. For example, a client wants to order a linear analysis — and we find that the questions required by the customer can only be answered only by performing a more costly non-linear analysis.

We have gained a lot of experience in finding an approach to such situations, because sometimes they arise directly in the middle of work. In this regard, in complex, atypical projects we work with separate «modules». After finishing each module — we consult with the client about his further desires.

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